General Dentistry

General dentistry involves everything from diagnosis and prevention to dental hygiene and treatment. It also includes your overall health, oral health, diet, habits, medicines taken, posture, airway, teeth, gums, bone, muscles, and jaw joint. General dentistry is the firm foundation on which all other dentistry is built upon. Dental Health is the key to overall excellent health.

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Oral Health Is the Foundation of General Health

Every item you drink, eat, or inhale passes through your mouth and throat. That means that any disease in your mouth is carried into your body.

Your teeth and mouth determine your ability to eat as well as determine the ability to enjoy a varied, healthy diet. Without healthy teeth, hearty vegetables and unprocessed meats are often the first foods to be lost from your diet.

Neuromuscular dentistry is how the jaw is interconnected with the other muscles and bones of the head and neck. When the jaw is out of alignment, it can have negative consequences for the rest of your body, including neck and spine problems, headaches, and more. Are you experiencing jaw pain? Visit Bountiful Dentistry for some well-deserved relief.

Does Anxiety Keep You from the Dentist?

Many people have a hard time making regular dental checkups because they fear to go to the dentist. Some have had enough unpleasant dental visits that they find excuses not to go.

If that's you, then we can help. Light Sedation can help you overcome your dental anxiety to get the preventive dental care you need to preserve your smile and your health. We offer alternatives for people with mild anxiety and those with a severe phobia.

The Front Runners of the Dental Industry

General dentists perform all primary dental care for patients. They are thoroughly trained and experienced to take care of your family's overall dental needs. Regardless of a patient's' age, dentists who practice general dentistry can diagnose and treat most oral issues, and they have the best coordination of skills to work with specific specialist dentists when needed.

Our Doctors have been performing general and cosmetic dentistry procedures at the highest level for over 20 years. At Bountiful Dentistry you will experience a positive experience with exceptional care.

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